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Are you searching for leak detection in Alpharetta? Look no further as we offer emergency water leak repair, basement, sink, toilet and appliance leak detection and repair in Alpharetta, GA. Contact now for leak detection in Alpharetta.

Leak Detection in Alpharetta

A penny saved is a penny earned. In the same manner, a leak repair is much earned. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average household's leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year. The sink, toilet, washing machine, and pool are just a handful of the many utilities that use water and pose a water leak threat.

Mindful homeowners can mitigate water damage by being aware. Remember to keep an eye out for moisture, water spots, and condensation especially in your basement. Do not forget to check your attic occasionally to spot any roof leaks. Some leaks can be spotted with the naked eye, but a lot of leaks require the expertise and equipment of a professional leak detection company.

We all know what a leak is. What are some causes of leaks and can we act proactively to avoid further damage? Your Alpharetta leak detection professionals at Leak Detection Of Atlanta have put together a list of common causes of leaks. This is not an exhaustive list but covers the basics. By being aware of these causes, we can stay ahead of the curve and call experts on time before the issue is aggravated. We offer 24-Hour emergency water leak detection and repair services in Alpharetta, GA. Call us now at 678-496-7519 to request leak detection services in your area. 


A lot of leak detection leads us to a clog in the pipes. Most houses come with garbage disposals that can easily be abused. Kitchen sinks – and toilets – are super sensitive to clogs. You should only throw soft foods into the garbage disposal and only toilet paper into your toilet. Anything other than these run the risk of a clog. Clogs cause downstream pressure that can crack a pipe through time.


Plumbing systems are made of naturally decomposing material. Rust and other corrosion wears down pipes and water supply lines over time. The water pressure eventually becomes too much to handle and pipes begin to crack and burst. This threat is especially serious for underground plumbing systems. Leaks in pipes under your foundation can damage your building’s slab and cause devastating damage. Call a professional plumber or leak detection company as soon as possible if you live in an old house and have not had an inspection in some time.

Alpharetta Water Leak Repair

Loose Connections

Appliances installed in a hurry or amateurly can put you at risk. Loose connections are a common cause of leaks but just as easy to fix. If you are running into puddles of water around your toilets and other appliances like washing machines, then check to make sure any bolts and connections are tightened shut.

Tree Roots

Houses with large trees in the area should be extra cautious. Large trees have large, invasive roots. Tree roots can grow into plumbing systems and penetrate pipes. Leaks caused in this way can be impossible to detect by the average homeowner. If you are noticing spikes in your water bill but cannot spot any leaks, then call a water leak detection expert as soon as possible. Underground leaks can threaten your home’s foundation.


This one is not as much of an issue for those of us down south, but it is important to list it considering our increasingly spontaneous weather patterns. Drastic fluctuations in temperature can cause pipes to expand and contract. This movement can crack your pipes in the long run and cause pesky leaks.

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If you need leak detection in Alpharetta then stop web searching for leak detection near me. Leak Detection of Atlanta now serves our neighbors in Alpharetta! Our 24-hour service by trained and licensed professionals will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Call us now and ask about our limited-time, promotional offers. Tree Service Alpharetta

Alpharetta, GA

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I highly recommend Leak Detection of Atlanta!! I had pipe leak in my basement. They responded as soon as the plumber finished fixing the issue and were extremely professional, friendly and hard working. If you are still searching for leak detection or repair in Atlanta area, you should go with Leak Detection of Atlanta.

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