Water Heater Tank Leak Repair
Water Heater Tank Leak Repair
Water Heater Tank Leak Repair

Water Heater Tank Leak Detection in Atlanta

A leaky water system could start as a minor nuisance and turns into a big problem. In extreme cases, the condition could lead to complete heater failure and hefty repair bills. In fact, a water heater that is leaking can sprout mildew and mold, which can cause allergic reactions and serious sickness for loved ones. Most of the time, a leaking water heater doesn’t mean you’ve got a failed system or need a replacement; it could just be a faulty component causing the trouble. With that, you’ll need a specialist offering water heater leak repair to come to the rescue.

Leak Detection of Atlanta is a dependable plumbing company servicing homes and businesses in Atlanta and surrounding areas. As a leader and trusted professional, we’ve achieved an excellent track record of top-notch services when it comes to water heater leak detention and related services.

When you’re faced with any leaks, do not hesitate to connect with professionals at Leak Detection of Atlanta to prevent damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Reliable Water Heater Leak Detention in Atlanta

When you are looking for a water heater detention or repair contractor in Atlanta, you’ll find a lot of companies. But, it’s vital to work with a company with an excellent record of top-notch services. When you connect with professionals at Leak Detention of Atlanta, be assured you’re dealing with a leader in the industry as well as a company with competent professionals.

As soon as you make emergency contact with Leak Detention of Atlanta, we’ll send a knowledgeable and experienced plumber to ascertain the cause of the leak, prevent further damage and make preparations for repair or replacement services as appropriate. By using our services, you’ll get:

  • Prompt and efficient water heater leak detection and repair services.
  • Honest and no-fluff pricing.
  • Customer-centric and reliable services.

Water dampness below your water heater doesn’t always indicate a problem. Water from the window or other water pipes can be the culprit.

Atlanta Water Heater Leak Repair

To ensure you’re safe, connect with professionals at Leak Detention of Atlanta the moment you of notice the following:

Water draining out of the tank

When water is flowing out of the tank, this usually means the temperature and pressure relief valve is faulty. To avoid potential damage, turn off the electric supply and quickly request a professional plumber at Leak Detention of Atlanta for immediate fixing.

Leaks below the water heater


This could be a result of a defective drain valve. In some cases, sediment build might have corroded the bottom of the tank. A licensed and experienced plumber from Leak Detention of Atlanta will come to inspect your facility for appropriate water heater leak repair services.

Professional Water Heater Leak Detention

When you’re facing these or other anomalies with your water heater system, it’s one thing to call a plumber but an entirely different thing to work with a professional. At Leak Detention of Atlanta, we’ll send a licensed and experienced plumber to handle your emergency needs.

With professional-grade equipment and the required experience, be assured you’ll get reliable and efficient services from our professionals. For water heater leak detention and other plumbing-related services, call or contact Leak Detention of Atlanta today.

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